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Emacs Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for those using, extending or developing Emacs. Join them; it only takes a minute: ... the variable docstring even mentions the buffer-local scenario as a use-case for this. – phils Jan 11 '15 at 22:40. C-h i g ... That's a special feature of the value slot (i.e. values of variables). 05720162 - GitLab | GitLab * lisp/window.el (display-buffer-in-side-window): In doc-string clarify why the window returned gets dedicated to its buffer.

Ladicle's Emacs Configuration Apr 17, 2019 ... Guide Key-bindings https://github.com/justbur/emacs-which-key .... counsel-yank-pop-separator))) ;; NOTE: this variable do not work if defined in :custom .... (:width 40)) (ivy-rich-counsel-function-docstring (:face font-lock-doc-face)))) ...... (or standard-display-table (make-display-table)))) (set-display-table-slot ... cepl - TechSnuffle CEPL abstracts working with OpenGL but is not responsible for creating a window or ... Note: On OSX , slime users may want to add the code specifed in docs/single-thread-swank.md to their Emacs config file, and .... No docstring provided. ...... An FBO attachment is a slot where a texture-backed gpu-array can be attached. PyCharm Edu 2017.3 Release Notes - PyCharm - Confluence

Emacs and MS-DOS. This section briefly describes the peculiarities of using Emacs under the MS-DOS "operating system" (also known as "MS-DOG"). If you build Emacs for MS-DOS, the binary will also run on Windows 3.X, Windows NT, Windows 9X, or OS/2 as a DOS application; the information in this chapter applies for all of those systems, if you use an Emacs that was built for MS-DOS.

Building Classes - Enhanced Implementation of Emacs Interpreted ... Macro: defclass class-name superclass-list slot-list &rest options-and-doc ... symbol's variable documentation string is a modified version of the doc string found ... Imcompatible with Emacs 25 · Issue #330 · ergoemacs/ergoemacs ... 15 Feb 2015 ... Installing ergoemacs within Emacs 25 will lead to the following error message: ... nil unbound nil nil]] nil oset nil) (if (not rn) (slot-missing obj (car slots) (quote oset) (car ...... nil t (closure ((doc-only) (args obj) (docstring) (code .

For example, some middleware that handles a hypothetical "time?" :op by replying with the local time on the server:

bug-gnu-emacs (thread) bug#20927: 24.5; Cygwin Emacs completely blocks for 5+ seconds, Eli Zaretskii, 2015/06/30 [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/loaddefs.el

Several days ago, while using Emacs to edit LaTeX files, while successfully editing one such file I tried to open another, and got the ... No docstring slot for tex-start-shell ... (vector-slots 4 1237224 22786) (floats 8 81 659) ...

Currently, Emacs uses the same color for normal strings (single quotes) and docstrings (triple quotes). I want docstrings to be a different color, so I used the 'Options->Customize Emacs' menu option to change 'font-lock-doc-face' to a new color and saved the changes. However, Emacs continues to keep docstrings the same color as normal strings. Invalid slot name: · Issue #134 · emacs-elsa/Elsa · GitHub

Re: [Emacs-diffs] emacs-26 ec02c73: Update process filter example (Bug#35044), Stefan Monnier, 2019/04/30 [Low priority] Some minor complaints from cppcheck about emacs 26.2, Adam Richter, 2019/04/30. Re: [Low priority] Some minor complaints from cppcheck about emacs 26.2, Paul Eggert, 2019/04/30. Message not available

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Set face of outline ellipsis? - Emacs Stack Exchange ... but it may not be very efficient -- in that case, the display slot 4 would ... Looking at org-ellipsis docstring in org.el , it says org-ellipsis can be ... 19.2. How to Use Defstruct